Monday, December 28, 2015

The Kindness of Strangers

Over the weekend we took our 2 girls to Knotts Berry Farm. It had been years since we had taken them to an amusement park. A day at any park is expensive so as their Christmas gift we took them to Knotts. We searched for the best coupons and decided Sunday was the day! Even with the coupon we were looking at $200 for all of us to get into the park. It's not Disneyland prices, but it's still a good chunk of change.

As we stood in line to purchase tickets a husband, wife and son were standing in line behind us. The woman casually asked us if we were purchasing tickets. I was confused because we were in purchase line. I told her we were. She then asked how many of us were there. I told her that we were a family of 4. She then handed me passes for 4 free tickets.

Yes free.

My husband thanked her and I was like "WHA?". My husband when up to the ticket booth and handed them the passes. We got 4 tickets into the park and his wallet never left his back pocket. As we turned to walked into the park I turned around and thanked the lady one more time. And of course I hugged her.

It was a nice surprise for us. It let us have an even better day with the girls. Those things that we would normally say no to (like photo booth pics!) we were able to say yes to. All thanks to the kindness of a stranger. 

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