Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Best Gift I Received This Christmas Was Free

The weekend after Christmas I decided to give myself a gift. The gift was simple. It was also what I needed the most after a whirlwind December. I took my phone and deleted all social media apps. I also deleted news apps which can be negative powerhouses.

With the exception of email, text, and blogging, my phone goes back to being just that... a phone. The idea to disconnect is brought on by a desire to faste and refocus. For a moment, I thought my fast would be about food restriction. Then I realized a bigger fast would come from eliminating over-stimulating time wasters.

Since deleting these apps., which I plan to power back up in four weeks or so, I've read so much more, spent more time writing, and enjoying time with my children. This social media/news break is meant to create space between me and the constant input of information. Plus, with my office and children's school both shut down for the holidays, I thought this was a great time to focus in on what matters most: me, my family, and being PRESENT! 

What are some of the best FREE gifts you've ever received?

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