Monday, December 14, 2015

The Best Adele Parody So Far

So we are all in love with the Adele album. We've all found ourselves alone, maybe in the shower, maybe in the car, belting out the song Hello. And in our minds we sound fantastic. And like with every super popular song it was just a matter of time until the parodies started. 

Well Emily Mills came out was a great one that really hit home for this HerMama. With lyrics like....

“Hello from the mother side. I must have tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart. But when I try, it really doesn’t seem to tear her apart anymore.”


“Hello from the mother side. I think I might break down and cry because I love my children but I don’t want anymore. Can somebody pass me the pinot noir?”

Click on picture to watch the video! 

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