Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simple DIY Advent Calendars

Yes people it really is December 1st! And if the people in your house are anything like mine they are asking you over and over again...


Like all day, everyday! One easy way to avoid this issue is to set up an advent calendar. This is a great way for kids to visually see how many days there are until the big day. Here are some easy DIY advent calendars. 

Paper bags on a string with clothespins. To make this more festive you can add a small candy or toy inside each bag. 

This one is a little more labor intensive. With some cardboard, toilet paper rolls and butcher paper you can make this sweet little house. Add treats inside each tube and you will be sure to have happy kids all month long!

A simple clipboard and some printed out dates can me your countdown fun and festive.

Now this one is great for little ones, but does require some simple sewing. Cut out a green tree over out of felt and sew it onto a big piece of felt. Make some cute circular christmas bulbs and embroider a the dates. Add buttons to attach. So cute!

This one is super cute and super simple. 25 envelopes. 

I found a way to make this even more simple. Taking a business size envelope an cut it in half. Tape the open flaps down and you are left with a little pouch. Add a number to each and put inside jokes, interesting facts about christmas and even coupons for fun holiday activites to do together as a family. 

Happy December! 

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