Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Total Faves of 2015!

Our Favorite Things of 2015!

What a year it has been! We went through many trends in 2015 and some were good and some not so good. Here are some of our favorite things from 2015...


Irene: Udon Tempura Soup: I was sick recently so I had to try a comfort soup. I am now hooked on this choice.  I literally have this soup once weekly. It is hardy, flavorful, and fun to eat as I gulp, slurp and scoop it all in! Add sriracha and ginger for an extra kick.

Elissa: Korean BBQ and Spam Fries. This year I tried Korean BBQ for the first time and I am hooked. A great way to try a lot of different dishes in one meal. The kids thought cooking at the table was so fun. And the cheese fondue was a nice bonus! 


Irene- Minced Cucumber with Vodka/Soda Water: This is the most refreshing cocktail out there! I love having this at home or at a bar. It's that good and easy to blend all together then enjoy! Try it.

Elissa: A Cinnamon Roll. Since the first time I tried Fireball Whiskey I was intrigued. It was cold and spicy and intense. I knew it was tasty but it needed something to cut the intensity. Then I found the perfect drink. A couple of shots of Fireball with some cream soda over ice. Delicious!  


Irene- Anything by Patrick Lencioni. I am currently reading The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. His books a easy reads and as I am thumbing along all the "lightbulbs" in my brain go off. "Yes, yes, how did you know?" I think to myself. Clearly, Lencioni has a great pulse on business and his straightforward writing makes his concepts easy to digest.

Elissa: The Harry Potter series. Even though the books came out many years ago, and all the movies are on DVD I had never read or watched. I finally came out from under the rock I have been living in and decided that 2015 was going to be the year that I finally read the series. After book one I was hooked and could not read fast enough. It took me a few months but I go though all the books and fell in love with the characters. I even wrote about it here

Fashion Trend:

Irene- Scarves and High Boots: I am wearing them now. It's been cold in Cali., and I just couldn't wait to rock my scarves and boots! This combo is a comfy but fashionable option for a busy, working momma.

Elissa: Gel manicures. I never would spent the money on a manicure because without fail I would chip the polish within 24 hours of walking out of the nail salon. Seriously EVERY SINGLE TIME! I had a SpaFinder gift card and decided I wanted to see if the gel manicures were everything they said they were. I kept hearing how they would last for 2 weeks. After my first appointment I was hooked. The fact that my nail technician is awesome and funny helps too! (Shout out Tiffany!) 

Show to Binge Watch:

Irene-Transparent: in its second season this show is about family and all the struggles that come with change. You have to check it out. You'll cry and laugh. It's also based on a true story of a young woman whose father transitions to become female in her 60's.

Elissa- This was a tough category for me. Apparently I did a lot of binge watching this year! It was a tie for me between the hilarious Fox animated series Bob's Burgers and the new Netflix original show by Aziz Ansari called Master of None. Bob's Burgers is a hilarious show about Bob and Linda Belcher, their 3 kids Tina, Louise and Gene and their burger joint. Tina is such an amazing character and is my spirit animal. Master of None is a fun and real look at the life of a young, single and 1st generation millennial. The second episode called "Parents" is such a great look at being the child of an immigrant. 


Irene- The New Justin Bieber album. Hey it's good! Listen Here!

Elissa- Traveller by Chris Stapleton was by far my favorite album of the year. He is a perfect mix of country and bluegrass vibes. Great songs about love and travel and loss. I wasn't the only one who fell for this album, my husband did too.  Listen Here! 

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