Thursday, December 31, 2015

Making New Years Eve at Home Fun

If you're staying in tonight there's plenty of ways to make it an exciting time right from the comfort of your living room.

Try these for a fun time ringing in the new year:

1. Casino Night at home: my husband is so ready for this tonight. He purchased a couple of basics from Party City and we're set. Everyone is paying-in $50 dollars and games will include games chips, roulette, black jack and bingo. Our entire house decor includes aces and spades with black, red and white colors of course!

2.  Game Night and Tournament: bust our every board game there is and get to it. Set up stations. With enough folks there could be tournaments and playoffs. Think heads up in one corner versus monopoly in another. Through in pictionary and charades and really get people moving. 

3. Wine and cheese night: This is a great way to bring together family and friends.  Folks can share their favorite wine, deli meat, fruit and cheese combos. I personally love white wine combined with salami, goat cheese, and mango slices. Don't forget to get a ton of grapes to make midnight New Years wishes at the strike of midnight. Play some Sinatra and you're in for a smooth relaxing night at home.

What are your favorite go-to at-home celebration recommendations?

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