Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kids now named after Instagram filters!

I must say the girl names are pretty darn cute: Willow, Valencia and Juno. Can't say the same for the male names that shot up in popularity: Kelvin, Hudson, Ludwig, Amora, and the most popular, Lux. I guess when you stare at these names all day it just sinks in, and for many, it works.

I can't say I don't like some of these names but is society going too far? Clearly not too far since none of these IG names actually crack the top ten list for 2015 male and female names. This coming from a person who was super unoriginal. My daughter's name was #1 in 2015 and my son's #5! Maybe I needed to think outside the box a bit, or just grab my cell phone!

My oldest child has a pretty unique name as do I and I must say I love the ease of often being the only one in a room. I like the originality and I love being able to one day make a mark with a very unique name. 

Could it be one day these IG monikers could take over the pop. charts? I wouldn't be completely against the shift! Would you? 

Tell us, what are the nuttiest names you've ever heard?

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