Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Are You Reading?

I am always reading something. If you follow me on GoodReads you know that I have been on a big memoir kick for the last year or so. Just when I think that my phase is over a new book is released and I am sucked back in. 

Right now I have 2 celebrity memoirs on my night stand. The first one I am reading out loud with my husband. We both really wanted to read this book and didn't want to wait for the other to finish! The book "Can I Say: Living large, cheating death, and drums, drums, drums" is the first book by Travis Barker. Travis Barker is best known as the drummer for the pop-punk rock band Blink-182. You might also know him as the rocker who was in a horrific plane crash and survived. Or maybe you know him as the Dad in the MTv show "Meet the Barkers".  We have really been enjoying reading this book because Travis grew up on the same area as my husband did so a lot of the beginning of the book was all about places we are familiar with. His story is what you expect a rock and roll memoir to be, lots of drugs, money, sex, cars and music. We are about half way through the book are we are loving it! 

The other book that is keeping me up late at night is the new book by Mindy Kaling "Why Not Me?" I LOVED her first book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" and was very excited to find out that a second book has been released this year. I was even more excited to find it at my local library. I have to admit that the first few chapters dragged a bit but after a few chapters it got good. Like staying up way too late good. Just like her character on her show "The Mindy Project" the book is laugh out loud funny. Follow along with Mindy as she becomes successful and yet still cannot seem to find love. There is also a chapter where she kinda sorta explains her relationship with The Office co-star B.J. Novak. I am almost finished with the book and I am sad to see it end.

What are you reading these day? 

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