Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thank you for the memories, Facebook.

The new memory feature on Facebook is warming my heart everyday. I am one of those chronic posters who chronicals everything about mine and my children's lives. To me, social media was always my scrapbook and now that scrapbook is completely song what it's meant do by showing me memories of previous posts.

I appreciate that Facebook has created a practical feature that allows users to enjoy what we've posted through the years. Now, I wish we could simply save all of these video files back on personal clouds. I am surely keeping old photos that are no longer exist in my digital library.

Plus, the memory feature is the best entertainer for children. My kiddos have thoroughly enjoyed watching videos of them 4-5 years ago. Now let's flash forward... my hope is this feature will last for many years because I can only imagine the joyfulness memories will evoke decades from now.

Thank you for the memories, Facebook! I am digging this new and improved functionality. And on that note, when do we finally get our "unlike" button? 

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