Friday, November 27, 2015

I stand with the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement!

Today is Black Friday and the hype to shop is crazier than ever. I've never been a big shopper on this day, but today, I woke up and felt renewed about my conviction to steer clear from consumerism. On the radio I heard about a large boycott in the largest sector of retail in Minneapolis.

Why boycott? 

To shut down the economic backbone of a town that still experiences division by race. What freaking year is this? Sadly, black lives continue to be suppressed by violence and oppression, especially from law enforcement. Now, not all law enforcement officers of course, but you can't deny the countless accounts via video footage surfacing time and time again where a Black American is being violently attacked, or even, killed at the hands of a white police officer. 
All situations tell their own unique story, but that so many stories are being told is alarming and a clear indicator that justice evades us.  We have an epidemic in this country and I am proud to boycott Black Friday sales and instead stand with the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement.

Additionally, I will continue to stand for any movement that demands equality and peace, vote accordingly at the polls, and speak up against continued racial oppression. 

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