Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Holiday Gifts To AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

So did any of you brave the stores over Thanksgiving weekend to start your Christmas shopping. I know I did not. It is practically tradition for me to wait until the last 2 weeks and completely stress over holiday shopping.

This year my kids lists are as long as ever. I swear they just watch a few shows on Nickelodeon and just write down every dang commercial that comes on. Here are a few items on their lists that I will be avoiding at all costs....

Kinetic Sand in Metallic: This combine 2 things I hate for my kids to play with in my house, sand and glitter. No matter what the box looks like or what the commercial says this stuff will be all over your table and floor and will impossible to clean it all up. You will find glitter ans sand all over everything, including yourself for months.

 This is a top toy this year as if I take myself back to 11 year old me I can see why. But with a $40.00 price tag for what I can guarantee will be a one time thing. Much like the cake=pop maker my kids begged for one year this is the kind of toy that your kids will open and use one time. Or until the cookie making kits it comes with are done. For $7.00 a refill pack you will most likely never buy them. Plus real girl scout cookie season is right around the corner and you will be able to grab a whole box of cookies outside your local grocery store for $5. And those cookies will not disappoint in taste.

Okay my little one really wanted these. And for a second I thought about having a box of these under the tree Christmas morning.

Until I started seeing pictures like this on social media.... 
Not my kid, but very easily could have been! 
Aww hell no! My kid is constantly rolling around on the floor and she never every cleans up her crap. This is a recipe for disaster. 

Are there any toys on your kids list this year that are a definate NO? 

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