Thursday, November 19, 2015

Groceries at your door in an hour!

Did you know groceries could be at your door within an hour? Did you know it's as simple as having an Amazon Prime membership? Well you know now!

I know not everyone has a Prime membership with, but it just might be worth it. Amazon charges just over $100 for an annual subscription to their "prime members" who get such perks as free two-day shipping and now delivery within the hour for an added fee using their Prime Now app.

Shopping couldn't be easier using this new online app. The Amazon selection may not be as great as the regular However, the convenience might just outweighed the selection. 

For me personally, Amazon Prime Now has worked wonders. One of the providers available in my area is Sprouts supermarket. Sprouts is a wonderful supermarket with organic products and their selection is plentiful. I recently went to the dentist for a tooth extraction, I was placed of course on a soft food diet, and was not feeling up for a ride to the supermarket for all things soft. Instead, I immediately used Prime Now to purchase yummy yogurts, protein milk shakes, and premium juices. The delivery arrived right on time and for free. The best part is that if you're willing to wait beyond the one-hour delivery shipping is absolutely free with your prime membership. Otherwise, it's only $7.99 to receive deliveries within the hour.

I really think Amazon is tapped into the right market of convenience here. Sure there's lots of things that deliver now to you door but everyone knows that Amazon does it best. They have the best customer service, extremely responsive, and their system is the best. I recently began using prime for work orders on supplies, necessary meals, or snacks for our students. This allows for staff to free up their time and it becomes a win win for productivity.

Would you try the Amazon prime?

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