Monday, November 9, 2015

Coffee Cup Controversy

This year Starbucks released it's usual red cups to mark the beginning of the holiday season and their yummy seasonal drinks. Well, something was amiss. This year the cups were a plain red. There were no snowflakes or Christmas tress.  They are simply red cups.

You'd think that would mean nothing, but online an outcry erupted. Christian groups believe this is an overt Anti-Christmas move on the part of Starbucks. What? Does everything have to be an issue these days?

Here's the idea: Christian groups believe Christmas is slowly warping into a simple (jesus-free, so to speak) holiday that is more about shopping and less about the religious symbolism of Christianity. 

I personally don't see a problem with plain red cups. My faith is determined by more than a snowflake on a cup, but I can see that many would complain holidays are becoming commercialized and tradition is disappearing.

In my business, we used to host an annual Christmas party and somewhere along the way the word Christmas was replaced with holiday. However, here we wanted to become more inclusive. Not all people celebrate Christmas.... there's Hanukah, Kwanza, and similar. A holiday party expanded our celebration to include other faiths, so how do we know Starbucks isn't just being more inclusive with this move?

To me, maybe there's nothing even behind the simple cups and it isn't about taking Christianity out of the holiday season. What's your take? Could all the online buzz be true, and Starbucks is sending a clear message, and ultimately, watering down the meaning of Christmas?

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