Friday, November 20, 2015

Can We All Agree to Get Off Black Friday?

This picture is from my local Best Buy and it is from this last Monday. Yup November 16th. That is not a homeless person's tent. That, my friends, is a person camped out for Black Friday sales. Yes a full 11 days early. This woman (and yes she did this last year) is going to spend the next 11 days camping out waiting to get a good deal on a television.

I mentioned to my husband that the same lady for last year was already camped out and he let out a big sigh. He really believes that things like this ruin the holidays. Instead of enjoying the holiday season with her family this women is spending it on the sidewalk. It kind of defeats the real purpose of the holiday season. Instead of being with family and friends spending the day bonding, they are pouring over sales ads and gearing up for an all-night shop-a-thon. Not to mention all the people who work in retail that are forced to start work at 6pm on Thanksgiving day so that they can have their store open at midnight.

Here is the problem, unless all the big major stores agree to end the madness that is Black Friday, it will continue. Because Wal-Mart is not going to lose a huge amount of sales to Target and vice-versa. Unless everyone agrees to open at a reasonable time on Friday, Black Friday sales are going to get earlier and earlier. I will not be shocked to hear about Black Friday sales starting on 5pm on Thursday. 

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