Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scary Thrills Are Here

It's October and folks who love all things fright enjoy everything that comes with the season. I'm not one to embrace all things scary, but I do see the thrill, especially among teens. There are great ways to get your spooky thrills on with your teenagers.

Try these between now and Halloween (if you dare):

1. Visit theme parks with Halloween theatrics. These are commonplace this time of year and whether it's a haunted boat (Dark Harbor at Queen Mary) or a classic like Knott's Scary Farm, these Halloween themed attractions are perfect to stir up a season of horror.

2. Stream the Scary! Want to get in the mood at home? Stream any and every online show based in terror. American Horror Story is perfect for this. That show has everything from haunted homes and asylums to the murderous circus theme: freak show! The new season centered in a haunted hotel and is starring Lady Gaga. It just started last week so it's the perfect time to jump in. Great actors and guest spots sprinkle the terrifying story lines.

3. Visit adrenaline pumping entertainment venues! The latest craze in LA is escaping a pitch dark maze. Yes, this is done for fun! The Basement in LA is all the rage, and based on reviews, horror-junkies would love the experience of being trapped in darkness and doing everything possible to escape a fictitious asylum. 

4. Scary movie marathon! Classic scary movies often return to theaters this time of year. Checkout local listings and get to watching! Who wouldn't want to relive the classic horror films of our childhood with today's teens? I know the teens in my life would flip with classics such as It and Nightmare on Elm Street!

5. Play the Ouija ("wigi") board (game). Okay, I am totally too chicken to try it, but they say this is a fun one to set a spooky mood. Play with your teens. Make sure you're in a dimly lit room with music for the ambiance. Warm up with a round of ghost stories to really get your crowd shaking in their boots!

What else do you do to set the mood for Halloween and all things frightening?

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