Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oprah and Weight Watchers

It's no big secret Oprah Winfrey has struggled with weight issues most of her life. Recently, her best friend Gail King very publicly began a Weight Watchers (WW) plan and Oprah's used it off and on for years. Now, it turns out Oprah's taking using it to a new level.

Oprah is now part owner, investor, and board member of the weight loss and weight management company. Talk about taking matters into your own hands. If this doesn't symbolize being serious about her weight loss goals, I don't know what would.

Today, Oprah took to her own FB account to share this exciting news. She looks to evolve WW and support all people in the process of healthfully controlling their weight. To me, everything this woman touches turns to empowerment gold. What a great time to get on the WW bandwagon. 

For interested readers, here's the WW diet regimen in a nutshell: 

•You're able to attend in-person support group or online meetings.
•You're able to tailor your fitness goals to your target needs
•You're about to eat foods from a long list all itemized by a point system; this system in essence is a simpler way to track nutrition and count calories using single digit points. 

Could you survive the weight watchers point system long enough to see results? Oprah sure thinks many can and plans to  revamp WW under her leadership. Can she save the giant weight lose company by association and part ownership or will it become just another diet fad that  eventually went away?

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