Monday, October 12, 2015

Never mind Columbus Day, celebrate this instead...

"(CNN) This Monday, instead of celebrating Christopher Columbus, some cities and schools are honoring the people he encountered in the "New World" and their descendants!"

It's called Indigenous People's Day (IPD). 

My office still has Columbus Day on our list of observed holidays. It's my first year as CEO and something about observing this "holiday" just doesn't sit well. I personally don't know how we ever came to celebrate a legacy of violent exploitation. Then, I heard about IPD. 

This year, I will observe the legacy of Native Americans and take this Monday as an opportunity to educate my children on Native American culture, influence, and history. More importantly, I will clarify that the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus didn't discover a new world. Our country was rich with native roots before he arrived. Plus, because of Columbus, a violent genocide ensued. There's nothing about his legacy worth honoring and it's wrong to teach children otherwise. To that point, my children have school on Monday which works for me.

Finally, as CEO, this January I will replace Columbus Day in October with Cesar Chavez day in March. This way, our office is truly honoring the legacy of a person who fought for good and did so without violence. Besides, observing Cesar Chavez Day is much more relevant to today's evolution as a transformative and multicultural society. 

Do you get Columbus Day off? How about observing it by celebrating Indigenous People's Day instead?

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