Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Huffington Post has really stepped it up when it comes to covering things that important to the Latino community. If you don't already "like" their HuffPost Latino Voices Facebook page, click here and give them a thumbs up. They fill my newsfeed with great relatable and fun articles. The last one I read was all about  Latino inspired Halloween costumes. You know the non-offensive ones.

Recently HuffPost launched the site  Latinos Break the Mold . This is a gorgeous website where Latino's who are making an impact in the world get to tell us their stories about what it was/is like for them to be Latino. The site is divided into 5 different categories...
  • Artists
  • Game Changers
  • Storytellers
  • Thought Leaders
  • Unapologetically Proud
From reporters, business executives, actors, dj's, writers, athletes, social workers and even professional skateboards all get to discuss how being Latino affects their identity, and even careers. 

This is a very well-done website and a really great read and reminder at how awesome it is to be Latino. 

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