Friday, October 16, 2015

Lamar Odom and the power of prayer...

Whether you followed him as a basketball superstar or a reality TV character, Lamar Odom is all over the news today. He remains in a coma and unresponsive after being found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel. It's thought drugs played a role in his demise and the entire Kardashian clan (his former in-laws) have rushed to be by his side. Say what you will about the Kardashians, I find their current dedication to Lamar truly commendable.

The story of Lamar's health is plastered across countless news outlets along with an outpour from those surrounding him urging others to pray for his recovery. When I read every comment via social media and websites insisting we devote a moment of our lives to pray for this man who many of us do not know, I am driven to tears. So many of us turn to prayer and believe in miracles which is a powerful indicator that faith is real.

We've all heard of the many tales of individuals coming back from near death experiences. Some people even claiming they've died, "seen the light", and somehow returned to this world. Doesn't matter your religious background, I am confident we've all heard remarkable tales like these and must ask ourselves if prayers changed the outcome. I know I've wondered that!

I don't follow much reality TV and I surely didn't follow Lamar's basketball career, but I jumped right on the prayer bandwagon for this man. Faith is a powerful, powerful belief. Do you believe in praying in times as these when a perfect stranger needs a miracle? I sure do and I hope Lamar comes out of this as everyone around him prays. I also wholeheartedly pray that all who struggle with addiction and depression find inner-peace without having to leave this world for the "next."

Do you believe in the power of prayer? 
Or could miraculous recoveries simply be explained away by medical science?  

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