Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cocktails for Fall

It may not feel like fall in So Cal, but soon enough winter will have to show its "gloomy face". During the fall/winter transition I embrace all things cold weather: folky music, hot lattes, scarves, boots, and movie marathons buried under bedroom covers! Those are only some of the fun things we can expect this season, but there's also the good ol' fall cocktails that are perfect this time of year.

• Hard Apple Cider: spike your usual hot cider and poof! It's that simple. Rum works well with this mix. And wouldn't some Fireball Whiskey be so good in this! 

• Mexican Coffee: who doesn't love coffee with their liquor? Add a splash of tequila to any premium cup of coffee for that special zing.

•Whiskey Chai: we've spiked your cider and your coffee, so you know we had to also spoke your chai. This is a delicious mix for a warm fall evening.

• Spiced Cranberry Vodka: this is a twist on an old favorite. Add a sprinkle of hot seasoning and lime to a classic cranberry vodka. For an added touch garnish as you would a Bloody Mary: add celery, green olives and a thick slice of crispy bacon.

• White Russian: combine milk, kahlua liquor, vodka, and ice to make this this perfectly smooth drink! Have this while watching the cult classic: The Big Labowski (Google the reference).

• Finally, enjoy any cocktail recipe that includes Bailey's Irish Cream liquor (hot or cold). Delicious!

What are your favorite fall cocktails?

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