Friday, October 2, 2015

Bucket List for Travel

Sometimes you just have to do something that's a little crazy! Gives life the jolt it needs. For me, crazy happened last night and I can thank my Travel Bucket List for that!

After diligently researching Mexican reports for two weeks to decide on a winter vacation at the beach, I changed my mind in a matter of minutes, and instead booked a dream vacation to a beach resort in Bali, Indonesia.  Felt crazy just after I did it (both because it's expensive and because a place like Indonesia will likely pull me out of my everyday comfort zone). Elephant safari anyone? Plus, during this vacation I'll celebrate two big milestones: reaching 10 years or marriage and turning 35. Getting to both isn't assured and I've been blessed to be almost there. The perfect celebration in my personal opinion is TRAVEL!

Do you have a travel bucket list or simply a bucket list that inspires you? Everyone needs one. Doesn't mean we're constantly marking things off, but it does mean there's a plan that could come to life one day. The next travel destination for me is Africa. This way I will have done a least one trip to Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Canada, and the Caribbean. 

Having a bucket list for travel is something that stretches us beyond the daily bubble of life, even if only every couple of years. Last summer while I was on my third vacation to Guatemala I made a conscious effort to see a different part of the country, do something extreme, and keep myself towards an experience that only comes when a person encounters a new culture and way of living. I am humbled every time I learn about new cultures and I come to appreciate my own roots all the more. It's what travel does for me.

Travel doesn't have to be your bucket list theme. It could be adventures such as skydiving and race car driving. Heck, a bucket list can include experiences, foods, or even, hobby exploration. For one person learning to play the piano could be as impactful as first setting eyes on a foreign beach covered in black sand. All in all, a bucket list is that itemized plan to gives life a jolt to our lives reminding us there's more to it than habit and routine. Sure, we all have different lives and budgets.

Whatever the considerations and likes may be, I wonder, what would be on your BUCKET LIST for travel, or otherwise???

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