Tuesday, September 15, 2015

YouTube Gaming: A waste of time?

Recently YouTube came out with a new service called YouTube gaming. I thought that this was a place where you could go to play your favorite games. I was wrong, this is a place where you can go to watch other people play your favorite games. Yes just watch someone else play. When my 10 year old explained this to me I could not think of anything more boring. I don't even like to watch people I know in real life play video games. I am just not a gamer. Never really have been. Well I did go through that "Guitar Hero" phase like 10 years ago. 

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks that YouTube Gaming is a complete waste of time. Jimmy Kimmel recently pissed off a whole lot of people when he talked smack about it. He is now getting death threats on the daily. I am still trying to wrap my head around this idea so I turned to my family, the ones who love video games for some answers.

" It's fun to follow someone because there is something new to watch everyday" - Sophia L. 10 years old

"It's the games I like to play and it helps me to get better at my games. I watch games that I don't have and it makes me want to play them" - Felix C. 9 years old

" The people are funny. My favorite is Diamond Mine Cart. I like to learn about different mods" - Liliana C. Age 9

"It's the same as people who watch sports. Just because you aren't playing doesn't mean you don't like watching." - Maria C. Age 16

"I think its generational. Open world games like MineCraft are a different style. There is no storyline. If I get stuck in a game I will exhaust all my possibilities before thinking about watching a walk-thru. I would watch for promos on new game releases. " - Kelly M. Age 32

" When I am playing a Lego game and I get stuck and my son Felix is not home, asleep, or just doesn't want to help I can go and watch a walk-thru and get unstuck. Shout out to Happy Thumb Gaming! " - Carissa G. Age 35

So my family all have some good points. I guess I can see the appeal to people who really like video games. I mean who am I to judge, I have been known to watch knitting tutorials for fun. 

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