Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Would You Try This "Weird" Cultural Delicacies?

I grew up on menudo. Comfort food at its best. It's a stew/soupy concoction made up of one primary ingredient: beef stomach lining and red chili broth. Sounds gross to some, but to me, it's absolutely tasty. Thank you Mexico
for this deliciousness. 

Escargot is French cuisine made up of snails. These little suckers are actually very good. I tried them drenched in garlic and loved the flavor. Folks simply have to get over the fact that they're using a tiny spoon to gut a snail!

Frog feet are considered common among many cultures. These fried little guys actually look good? But could you chomp on these. I have yet to try frog legs, but if it's anything like the one time I ate turtle in the Caribbean -- it is mmmm mmmm good!

Have you caught those hilarious videos that show a medly of folks trying cultural foods for the first time. It's hilarious and there's some on multiple countries. Google it and enjoy it :) but be warned, hairy eggs and animal embryos might make the menu! 

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