Friday, September 4, 2015

The Best Way to Spend a 3-day Weekend

There's a 3-day weekend up ahead and we at want to wish you a fun one. Here are some great tips to make this Labor Day a blast...

Other than the obvious BBQ, try these fun ideas:

1. Visit museums that usually have free Monday admission, some may be closed, but call head and you just may get lucky.

2. Get organized. Doesn't it always seem like the weekend comes and goes and you didn't get anything accomplished? Use a 3-day break to organize your home and life.

3. Truly disconnect. Go on a remote getaway. The best are camping sites where you have no cellular signal. That's the best way to detach and unwind.

4. Road trip! It's always a fun idea to get in your car and drive. Pick small low-key destinations to avoid the busy crowds of your usual destination spots and use the three day weekend to explore.

5. Visit San Diego for the 3-day break in October. In October, kids eat and entertain for free. San Diego amusement and dining locations are offering kids go free options the entire month much like national parks are doing all of Sept.

6. Plan a staycation. There's usually great hotels and restaurants in our own communities. Plan a three day trip locally and enjoy. You'll find three days the perfect length of time for a fun staycation.

What are you up to this Labor Day? Share your three day weekend plans with us!

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