Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Too Old for This...

While listening to a local radio show some weeks ago an entire morning team rattled off all the things they were "too old" for. Their answers were spot on. This got me thinking about the things I'm just "too old" for.

Some of the examples from the show: 

  • Established folks still visiting parents and sleeping on the couch as if you can't afford COMFORTABLE and pleasant hotel accommodations. 
  • Folks in their thirties and still using a Laundromat? That's "too old" to not have a personal washer and dryer. 
  • Still listening to teenybopper music well after your prime? You just might be "too old". 
  • One thing the entire team could agree on: not having enough money in a savings account passed a certain age. 

Each show host and caller resonated with me and as I heard what they were "too old" for I realized I also had a list of my own. Just then, I scanned my cheerio-infested car and literally said "I'm too old for this". That day I ran out and bought new seat covers. I'm too darn grown to use the mom card a.k.a drive a dumptruck on wheels. It's been three weeks since this revelation and my car remains in tip-top shape. Yes, I was "too old" to not take better car of my car. I'm also "too old" to sleep-in, and "too old" to shop at Forever 21 (okay maybe I don't totally agree with that), though I don't think all Forever 21 clothing styles fit my life and career needs.

What are things you're "too old" for? When you think about it, there's plenty. Even better, you start focusing and doing age-appropriate things and not simply settling for less because you did that when you were younger. 

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