Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great Back-to-School Night Questions to Ask

The big back-to-school outfit was a hit. New backpacks were picked out and students have their school supplies. For most families, back to school season is in full swing. What's coming up soon is back-to-school night. To set the year off right consider asking some of these thoughtful questions at back-to-school night.

Firstly, my 4th grader thinks this would be a great question for every parent to ask:

Are you willing to do something fun and interesting everyday e.g. board game, project, experiment or anything cool? If so, what coolness can kids look forward to daily?

Now for the momma-bear questions:

What are you goals for the school year?

How often will my child receive one-on-one attention?

How much homework should we expect?

How would you handle it if my child was struggling in your class?

How do you take part in the learning process?

How do you measure academic progress?

How do I encourage the learning process at home?

Are there any great resources I should know about outside of the classroom?

How would you handle if a child reports to feeling bullied or socially challenged?

This set of questions is just a sampling. To truly feel you've gotten the best out of back-to-school night consider referencing this list or create your own before the big night. Now, go have yourself a wonderful school year with your child (ren)!

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