Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emergency Medical ID on Your iPhone

Last week I upgraded my iPhone to the ios 9 operating systems and when all was said and done I noticed an icon for "Medical ID" a place to input my medical emergency information that anyone can access if needed.

Have you ever noticed on your lock screen. There is Emergency button...

If you click on it , even if locked, will take you to this screen...

From here you can make an emergency call. There is also a button *Medical ID. Here someone can click and see your emergency contact info as well as blood type, allergies and medical issues.

Here are some quick steps to set up your medical ID. Go into your Health App on your iPhone you well be taken to the dashboard. On the bottom right is where you can see and edit your medical ID info.

This is a great feature that can help save someone in an emergency situation. Great job Apple! 

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