Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creating a Family Command Center

Ever heard of a family command center?

My husband heard of one and it changed his life. He immediately cleared out a wall in our family room and got to work on his latest design idea (thank you, Pinterest):

Our center will look a lot like the one pictured above except it'll be more family-oriented. We plan to have a large roll of butcher paper for art projects and drawing, a few hooks for kids' coats and backpacks, art supplies, and a cell phone/mail drop. Another must have is a large Q to represent our last name. The hubby is adding a cross and favorite quote (directly painted on the wall) as well as a clock.

As you can see there are plenty of options when building a command center. The best part is the whole family will be organized around one key area in your home. A couple of must-haves in any center:

  • calendar
  • dry erase board and markers
  • mail drop

Having this space of organized chaos in any home is just what every family needs. This command center reinforces a family's daily routine of homework, chores, and multiple schedules. Plus, this project doesn't need to be costly. Find a wall in your home and fill it with hanging file bins and office supplies (calendar, notepad, and markers) from the Dollar Store, and poof, there's your command center.

How would you design the ideal family command center in your home?

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