Friday, September 25, 2015

1989 By Taylor... wait no... by Ryan Adams

Yup, exact same songs as the Taylor Swift album with a heck of a lot more edgier sounds. This album sounds like a version for adults. If I had never hear of Taylor Swift (yes I know these days that is impossible) and I just heard this album I would LOVE it. It has am 80's rock vibe to it. It made me think of The Cure and Morrissey.

All your favorite T Swift songs are on here but completely revamped for a more mellow coffee house vibe. "Blank Space" goes from a crazy girl theme song to a slow melodic guitar filled ballad. "Style" gets an awesome 80's glam vibe added to it. "Shake it Off" gets a Bruce Springsteen feel and it totally worked. It transforms the song to something even the manliest of men would listen to. "Bad Blood" goes from a anthem to a fun song that you can imagine singing around a campfire.  "This Love" becomes a gorgeous haunting song.

This album is gorgeous and demonstrates what a talented and creative singer Ryan Adams is. I think this also highlights the fact that Taylor Swift is a damn good songwriter. She is listed as a writer for every song on the 1989 album.

Have you listened to Ryan Adams, 1989 album yet? It is streaming on Spotify! 

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