Monday, August 31, 2015

Zip-Loc Omletes

Most kids are already back to school and the novelty of the first day and the cute outfits has worn off and the stress and reality of back to school schedules has set it. At this point we need anything to help save some time and make morning routines a bit easier.

Recently a friend told me about this great idea on how to make healthy veggie and protein packed breakfast for your kids, really quick. Boil them some omelets. Yes I said boil. It's simple. Add some scrambled egg mixture into a ziploc bag and then throw in any veggies, meats, or cheeses that your like. Give it a good shake to mix them up and seal. Drop the bag into some boiling water for about 13 minutes. Open the bag and your made omelet will slide right out onto your plate.

What is great about this is that you can pre-make the omelet mix the night before. You can also make up to 8 omelets all at the same time. These are also great for feeding a large crowd. This can be a a great idea for a sleepover. You can set out a bunch of toppings and let each kid pick what they like.

My friend gave me the heads-up and said that when making these make sure to use ziploc brand bags. This ensures that the bag is thick enough to withstand the boiling water, and also ensures that you are cooking with BPA free plastic. 

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