Friday, August 28, 2015

Trends Before and After My Time I Wish I Hadn't Missed

These days it feels everyone has gender reveal parties when expecting. Parties of this kind weren't all the rage when I was having my children, but I would have been all over this given the chance. I'll take any excuse to have a PARTY. We were surprised the old-fashion way for our big gender reveal and that was a pretty painful and bloody surprise, to say the least. 

Another trend I totally missed the boat on was having a photo booth at our wedding! Everyone does this nowadays and it's super fun. It's also pretty creative. I loved a recent wedding that include a booth with very Mexican-inspired props... Yes, Frida Khalo headdresses and eyebrows made that cut. Adorable! 

My kids didn't grow up with a personalized hashtag attached to every photo I've ever snapped of them. Okay, they're not that old, so I could begin that trend, but something about not trending since day 1 feels like I missed the boat there, too.

Zumba class missed my butt! Feels like everyone including their grandmother (literally) has tried Zumba. I never made it to such a danceable class and it sounds like a sweaty good time. Now I don't know that Zumba is as available or that I'm even in the mood. When I was a fitness buff I should have shimmied my way over.

Korean BBQ has always seemed so good! Maybe this isn't a huge trend per-say but I know a ton of folks who have tried and love this delicious food genre. I've yet to try it. Though that's a trend I may just persue. Then again with small kids at home I'm less likely to venture out for new cuisines. 

What are the trends you miss you wish you hadn't???? 

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