Thursday, August 27, 2015

This Dad Recorded His Reaction to His Son Buying a Princess Doll....

...and it has totally melted my heart.

Little Azai Willis had just had his 4th birthday party and had received 2 of the exact same toy. So his Poppa Mikki took his son to the toy store to exchange the gift. He allowed Azai to pick whatever he wanted. Azai picked a Disney Princess doll complete with purple crown. Ariel to be exact. As they got back to the car Mikki made this short and very cute video.

How sweet is this? 

Of course there was some backlash. People upset that he would allow his son to play with dolls. That playing with dolls would make his sons homosexual. That is just ignorant and silly. I grew up with a box filled with Hot Wheels. Playing with cars did not make me gay. Some even jumped to the conclusion that by telling his sons that he would accept them no matter what lifestyle they choose will automatically make his children gay. As Latinos we have this idea that little boys should be 'macho' and stay away from dolls. That is just ridiculous. 

The idea that toys are gender specific is soon to be a thing of the past thanks to stores like Target. After removing gender on their website for toys, they have made the move to do the same in stores. No more signs that say "Girls Building Blocks" or "Boy Building Blocks". Personally I love this and have raised my girls to know that they can play with any toys they choose. They have their very own drawer filled with Hot Wheels. 

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