Monday, August 17, 2015

The Slow Carb Diet by Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is the man. He's one of those gurus of many things and though he likely didn't invent the slow carb diet, he stands by it. Tim is the author of The Four Hour Workweek, The Four Hour Chef and The Four Hour Body --- all great reads.

In this post, I'll explain Tim's go-to diet and if it's for you, I say, join me on a six-week stint of slow carb dieting. Firstly, I should add my husband has seen a lot of success by following a slow carb diet 85% of the time over the last two years.

The diet in a nutshell:

Eat at least 4 times daily.

Consume lots of lean proteins (within 30 mins. of waking have some to start your day)!

Carbs allowed on this diet: beans, lentils and other legumes (have plenty).

Pack the veggies with every meal and water, juice, teas, or black coffee (skipping sugar and milk).

On this diet, you must avoid all "white" carbs such as bread, flour, pasta and rice. You also skip dairy --- hence the concept "no whites." You can't eat such items as pastries, tortillas or potatoes this is why the rule of thumb is "skip white foods." Remember to categorize chocolate cupcakes, donuts and brownies as "whites" too. If it is sweet, it's sugary, and sugar is as white as white gets! You should also skip fruit while "slow-carbing." 

However, you can consume carbs immediately following a high-intensity resistance workout.

On this eating plan, Tim highly encourages a once a week "cheat day" which I rather call a "treat day". Pick the day best suited for you to eat whatever your heart desires. This is great for your body to get a jolt of something new and helps keep your metabolism revved. You're also likely to keep this slow carb concept going knowing your "treat day" is just around the corner.

Tim also suggests one glass of wine nightly if you must have alcohol (no alcohol should be consumed otherwise). I personally love the idea of one glass of wine being a-ok until your cheat day. 

Now, that is the slow carb diet at a glance. According to Tim it'll help you lose up to 20 lbs of fat in thirty days. Who's with me for the next 45 days? After all, it's a great time to lose major pounds before holiday eating gets the best of us.

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