Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taco Tuesday!

Are you a fan of Taco Tuesdays? I grew up on tacos so everyday was taco Tuesday in our home. Over the weekend my kids (all three) proclaimed "we want tacos!" So we headed on a mad dash to get out fix! Sadly, we don't have a local go to taco spot. Do you?

Share your LA favorites in the comment section below.

We landed on a great alternative at Leo's Mexican restaurant in Lawndale, CA. Their tacos proved tasty. My kiddos wanted seconds -- they were that good! What was unique is that this spot served extra large tacos stuffed with toppings of your choice: lettuce, onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, guac and/or cheese. Pretty standard taco toppings combined with wonderfully seasoned chicken or steak to compliment all the flavors.

What are you favorite taco toppings?

Are you a lover of sour cream, fresh cheese, sliced avocado, or maybe something with more zing like fresh jalapeƱos or something sweet such as sliced pineapple. 
Tacos come in so many variations; here are some of my favorite combinations:

Crunchy tacos (taquitos):  aka rolled hard tacos. These are rolled tacos stuffed with your meat or veggie of choice that are then deep fried. I like to make these with potato filling (combine warm smashed potatoes (peeled), with salt, pepper, grilled onion and a shredded cheese blend). Then top these delicious crunchy tacos with shredded lettuce, cheese crumbles and guacamole or sliced avocado. 

Chicken or fish soft tacos: To chicken tacos I add grilled onion, shredded cheese and lettuce, plus hot sauce. When it comes to fish tacos, I grill a delicious piece of fish for my soft tortilla then top it with spicy pico de gallo, sliced cabbage, a splash of lime, and a bit of cilantro dressing. 

Tacos al pastor: these are the yummiest! These soft tacos are filled with marinated pork and diced onion & cilantro. Many Mexican markets sell prepackaged marinated pork meat for these tacos. For a touch of sweet add grilled purple onion and/or grilled pineapple slices. 

Tell us all about your favorite taco creations! Comment below.  

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