Thursday, August 20, 2015

Period Talk

As the summer ended and the first day of school was just weeks away I took my kids to their annual wellness check-ups. Both girls were healthy and growing and given clean bills of health. Then I asked when I should start considering having the menstruation talk with my 10 year old. Our doctor told me that it would depend on when I started mine. I told her that I was 11 years old so she gave me a nod and said "its time".

Oh man I am so not prepared for this! So after a little mini-panic attack I hit the library to find some good resources to figure out the best way to even approach the subject. I found a few books to help refresh my memory on all the ins and outs of mechanics of it all.

I picked up this one from my local library.....

I also looked online and found these that I think might help explain things.

I needed to find the right balance of information to tell my 10 year old. I knew she needed to know the why and how of it all, but I was also careful to steer away from the s-e-x talk. Even though menstruation and pregnancy go hand in hand I really don't think my 10 year old needs that information yet. 

I remember how confusing periods were to me as a kid. I remember getting my first period in 6th grade. I remember my best friend so anxious about starting hers and wondering if she would be the last one to get it. And then I remembered the book that helped me through all the questions and helped me feel like I was not the only one. This classic........

Sitting down and opening the lines of communication with my 10 year old and how her body works is the first step in letting her know that she can always come to me. I am here to listen and answer any questions she may have, or to help her anyway I can. Periods are messy (pun intended) business but after reviewing the way the female body works it's really amazing. It was a great reminder of how powerful our bodies are and a reminder to take care of it.

Who told you all about menstruation? What was that experience like? Good, bad, motifying?? 

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  1. My daughter is 10 and we also had the period talk about 2 weeks ago. The American girl book is really good, I got if for her about a year ago.


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