Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One-Way Trip To Mars

In 2012 it was announced that a billionaire developer will set into motion the colonization of Mars. He'll accomplish this by sending inhabitants 4 at a time beginning in 2026. Every 2 or so years new inhabitants will leave earth to be a part of the Mars colonization project.

But here's the kicker: this is a one-way trip. Yes, those selected (the first four already picked) will go to Mars with no guarantee that they will ever return. According to Mars One developers rockets that allow for a trip back to earth have yet to be built. This means life on Mars will be the chosen astronauts ultimate goal with the possibility of return IF, and only IF, those return capabilities develop during their lives on Mars.

One husband recently spoke out about his wife who was selected for the 2026 launch. He claims to completely understand and respect his wife's decision. Many called her selfish for leaving her family and life on earth. He considers it noble. Her name will go down in history and this trailblazing experiment could very well transform life as we know it.

I personally couldn't be the first to colonize another planet especially if it meant leaving my planet with no guarantee of returning. The astronauts chosen for 2026 departure may never again hug or speak to their earthly friends or family again. There will be the chance to email and correspond in writing, otherwise, life on Mars will be about developing its existence and functionality for more and more inhabitants to arrive on their one-way emigration to planet Mars.

Could you ever leave earth to colonize another planet? Or are you with this Hermama who finds the one-way trip dynamic too extreme?

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