Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My New Ban.Do Organizer

I am a sucker for organizers, so when fellow blogger Unknown Mami showed off her new organizer from I had placed an order for one before her video was even done. 

I was way excited to get it in the mail. You are probably asking yourself, why would this crazy lady buy a 2016 organizer in 2015? Well because this organizer starts in august 2015 and ends in December 2016. Perfect!!

Here is my cute and very accurately titled new organizer. It is only 8"x5" big so it fits perfectly in my purse. But if you need a bigger desk version there is also one of those available. 

The first few pages are great! There is a full 2016 and 2017 calendars. So if you need to see when your birthday falls in 2017 you can!

There is also some super cute stickers. The only problem is that there are not enough!

There is also a section to list birthdays and anniversaries. Of course with my family I would need at least triple the amount of lines to keep track of everyone's birthdays!

Each month has it's own inspirational and print. Nice way to start the month off.

Each month starts with the full month on a 2 page spread. Great place to add important things and for a quick reference.

My favorite part about the book is the 2 page spread for each week. There is plenty of room to jot down everything from a work meeting to dinner plans with friends. And it's line-less which I love.

I know that handwritten planners can easily be replaced by an app on your phone (I have those too!) but there is something about an old school organizer that I love. And for just a little over $20.00  at this one is my new favorite! 

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