Monday, August 3, 2015

Musical Legends: Gone Too Soon

Too many musical legends have come to pass and many were far too young. I recently watched an Amy Winehouse documentary and was reminded of her talented voice, writing ability and the tragedy that was her untimely death due to alcohol and drug use. Amy was an original talent with an old soul. Her love of music was rooted in jazz melodies and she idolized the likes of Billy Holiday and Tony Bennett.

If you haven't heard Amy's music do yourself a favor and start today. Her albums (though few) are good start to finish. The tribute albums released since her passing include beautiful gems such as covers of Cupid and Our Day Will Come.

Other musical talents gone too soon include the likes of Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. All could have packed stadiums and enthralled audiences today. They were incredibly talented sharing one sad reality in common: drug fueled or inspired ends.

The last of my favorites gone too soon include John Lennon (taken from this world unjustly) and Bob Marley (f-u cancer).  These two had a depth to their music and it's lyrics. Lyrics that resonate today. I have no doubt Bob and John are rocking out in musical heaven and the aforementioned artists are all chiming in. 

Who are the artist you love that left us far too soon? 

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