Monday, August 10, 2015

Macklemore Does It Again

A few years ago Macklemore busted onto the music scene with his hugely successful album "The Heist". And us here at HerMamas have been big Macklemore fans ever since.

The kid from Seattle rapped about love, his road to sobriety and how to look super fly with just $20.00 in your pocket. It's been awhile since Macklemore (and his side-kick Ryan Lewis) have released anything new but last week their new single featuring Ed Sheeran, dropped. (It's still cool to say dropped right?) And being the cool people that they released it for free at

In the time that Macklemore took off he went through a major life experience. Last May he become a father to a daughter. So naturally the first track is all about becoming a father. Like with all his other songs Macklemore is open and honest and I love this. I think he really captured the realness and the emotions that men go through when they realize how huge this fatherhood thing is. He shares his fears, hopes and expectations that many men can relate to.

Welcome to the Parenthood Club Macklemore. 

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