Friday, August 7, 2015

Don't be a DNB

This Ronda Rousey chic is amazing. Now I don't follow UFC but I caught a glimpse of another fighter screaming angrily into her face. Then I heard she knocked that trash-talking counterpart out in 34 seconds. Wow... 34 seconds sounds unreal. She's a pretty bad a$$ fighter from what I've gathered. After her most recent fight a soundbite surfaced where Ronda shared her take on being judged for having a muscular body.

She did not take this judgement well and claimed to love her body which was developed intentionally for a cause. She then proclaimed she's doing something she loves and she's not just dedicated to being a DNB aka "do nothing bitch". 

Pretty serious claim by Ms. Rousey. Now, I admire her tenacity but she really took issue with gold-diggers who aspire to sleep with men, making money that way, and in turn simply become "do nothing bitches."

Do you agree with Ronda? Is there such a thing as DNB's? And should women aspire to be the total opposite.

To me, it's a matter of respecting all women. I don't take issue with Ronda's figure just as I don't take issue with so-called gold-diggers. Who am I to criticize anyone, let alone someone who is happy fighting for a living or moving up some social ladder by sleeping with rich men? Whatever floats your boat is my two cents and yet I like the whole "Do Nothing Bitch" concept. It keeps me conscious of always doing something --- a whole lot of something that is hopefully the right thing: working hard, being a good person, aspiring to be the best me possible and fighting my own personal fights while also knocking out life's hardships in 34 seconds FLAT!

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