Friday, August 14, 2015

Barbies In Classic Art Pieces

There are some people who feel that altering classic works of art is wrong. Others use it as a way to comment on social issues of the day. French artist Catherine Thery is in the latter category. She has taken some well known pieces of fine art and has re envisioned them with Barbie dolls. Yes Barbie dolls.

Thery is using her images as a way to bring attention to the lack of females in classic art pieces. In many of her images she replaced a male figure with a Barbie doll. Each doll is hand painted by the artist herself and them posed in backgrounds also painted by the artist. Her hope is that her images will change the way people see the female role in society today.

You can see all 11 art pieces here. 

What are your thoughts on these reinterpretations of classic art works? 

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