Friday, August 21, 2015

85 Extra Minutes Everyday

Kids are headed back to school next week and there's one special thing out of many that make back to school season ideal...  we get up even earlier during the school year! 

Being an earlier riser is full of benefits. The more I try to escape that by pressing snooze, the reality is a morning routine sets my family up for a productive day overall. Plus, most folks get their usual 9-5pm day going and then claim there's no time left in their day. False! There's always time --- but that time is spent sleeping in.

Be an early riser and benefit from factors that help build a fulfilling day and life:

1. Plan your day: the best day is an intentional one! Take 5 minutes every morning to journal about the day ahead or simply jot down a list of to-dos. This habit almost predetermines our actions and unconsciously gets us moving towards whatever it'll take to accomplish our morning plan. Bonus: write down what you're thankful for every single morning!

2. Quiet reflection: whether it's time for meditation, prayer or simply enjoying a calm moment with a cup of tea, alone time every morning for reflection centers you for the day ahead. All it takes is 10 quiet minutes.

3. Get moving: can be an actual neighborhood run or walk or something simpler such as an at-home routine with jumping jacks and squats. Decide on at least 15 minutes of activity to get your heart pumping and naturally energize your body. 

4. Breakfast NOT on-the-go: early risers have time to complete a meal they actually sit to enjoy alone or with friends/family. Too many families sacrifice this morning ritual. Give it the extra 20 mins and have breakfast every morning - together and not on-the-go. 

5. Groom with care: follow me here, late risers don't always have the luxury of time to calmly get ready without the hustle and bustle of rushing. This leads to less than ideal outfit choices and such. Now, this isn't about vanity. This is a matter of setting yourself up for a confident day. How many times have we felt extra great just because we gave ourselves the 25-30 minutes to pick an outfit, iron, shower, change, accessorize and groom (hair and makeup for women, shaving for men). Taking care of yourself every morning is a great habit to ensure you leave your home feeling great!

Total time for bullet pts. 1-5 only adds up to 85 extra minutes added to your day. That's not even an hour and a hour. Give yourself that early start to implement these habits into a daily and productive routine!

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