Thursday, July 16, 2015

Uber for Kids

I tried Uber for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it. How easy is the concept of pulling up an app, searching for a nearby driver and requesting a ride? All of this at the fraction of what a taxi ride would cost you. Uber is definitely on to something BIG!

Two LA moms recently took this concept to a new level with the creation of HopSkipDrive which is often referred to as Uber for kids. It's basically a much safer, kid-focused spin on the original since Uber drivers have an age limit.

The HopSkipDrive service offers pre-booked rides for children age seven and up starting at $20 per ride, with additional charges depending on distance and duration. Founded by moms who knew the demand of shuffling children, I fully understand the premise and need.

Nevertheless, I am not yet convinced. After all it took me almost two years to even try "adult" Uber which involves riding along with every character who suddenly wants to moonlight as a taxi driver. I will say of three rides I took on Uber each driver was uniquely cooky. I don't mind that, but I can't help but picture the same thing with other driving services. 

Truth be told this premise is good but to me there's still something nutty about random drivers shuffling kids to and fro. Then again a 'parent's gotta do what a parent's gotta do'. 

Would you try HopSkipDrive? Tell us why!

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