Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Camp....for Adults?

Maybe you really miss the summer camps of your youth, or maybe you never got to go to camp as a kid and really want to experience it for yourself. Maybe you just want to unplug from technology, have some fun and experience something new. You are in luck because Adult Summer Camps are a thing. Things like bonfires, hikes, capture the flag, friendship bracelet making, talent shows, cabins and bad camp food all for adults to enjoy.

A quick google search brings up a bunch a camps to choose from. You can go to Camp Throwback in Ohio where everything you remember or heard about when it comes to summer camp is there. Even the food is the same. Or visit Camp Grounded where you can spend a week getting completely off the grid. No cell phones or internet for a whole week. It's what they call a digital detox. Or maybe you want to get all your close friends together in one place for a week of unforgettable fun, then you can head over to Camp No Counselors.

There are even camps that are more specific. If you are big wine lovers you can go to Wine Camp in Long Island. Yes camp all about wine and yes there is a lot of wine drinking involved along with wintery tours. This one is at the top of my list. If you were a kid who grew up in the 80's then you most likely really wanted to go to Space Camp (that wasn't just me right?).  Well you are in luck because there is now Adult Space Camp! I bet they serve astronaut ice cream there.

How amazing does all this sound! All the fun of camp but with beer!

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