Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Odd Mom Out

I tend to stay away from most Bravo shows. So many housewives I don't have the time or energy to keep up. But a new scripted show (isn't it funny how reality shows are dominating TV that a show that is not a reality show has to be labeled as scripted?) by Bravo has me hooked. Odd Mom Out is a show about Jill Webber, a New York stay-at-home of 3. She lives among the rich and powerful in New York and like the title of the show is really the odd mom out. In a world of designer clothes and prestigious preschools and non drop-off vs drop-off parties Jill sticks out like a sore thumb. She is right in the middle of the upper-west side Momzilla scene.

In a scene where her husband's rich family is interviewing for a burial plot Jill is stressing out because she has been waiting for a call from any school for an admissions interview. She can't seem to get a signal so she is constantly moving around and eventually just yells "bury me anywhere I'm dead" as she runs out. Her in-laws are horrified. In another episode her in-laws find that many generations ago the "Von" was dropped from their name so they want to go back to "Von Webber". Jill refuses and from then on is referred to as the "Non-Webbers".

In another scene she gets tricked into a group dinner with her ultra-rich sister-in-law and friends. The 11 course meal that consists of a leaf with salt, one giant noodle, holy water and a mini spoon of fish eggs. Jill keeps rolling her eyes and just wants some carbs. When all she wanted to do was meet a new "Mom friend". In Jill's words "It was easier to meet my husband than to meet a mom friend.".

I may not be in New York, but I totally get feeling like the Odd Mom Out. I have never really found my place when it comes to the Moms at the library or my kids school. I never know how to relate to them.But like Jill, I have a tight group of Mom friends who really get me.

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