Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mortified the Podcast

About a year ago I wrote about the Mortified documentary that I loved. Since then Netflix has released a Mortified show where celebrities share some of their embarrassing items and pictures from their youth. Now I love celebrity news but this show didn't feel as real as the people on the documentary. Then they started a podcast.


The Mortified Podcast: Share the Shame is fantastic.  I find myself refreshing the feed and crossing my fingers that there is a new episode. It's that good. Regular people and a celebrity thrown in here and there read from their childhood journals.

Topics range from teen fan fiction for Jurassic Park, trips to remote areas of Mexico, using Star Wars to understand the opposite sex and first sexual encounters.

Despite the mortifying topics I think I could relate to almost every single episode. We all went through an awkward stage. A time in our lives when our bodies were changing, our relationships with our friends and family were changing and things were so confusing.  This podcast gives you flashbacks to those times and reminds you just how far you have come.

Each episode is about 20 minutes long and there are currently 24 episodes. You will be hooked after the first episode!

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