Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Make-Up Hacks That Will Change your Routine

I have always been so bad at applying make-up. But that doesn't stop me from buying it and trying the latest trends. I have been wearing make-up for about 20 years and over that time I have learned a few tricks that have changed the way I get ready for my day. Here are 6 of my favorites...

1. Gel eyeliners are all the rage right now. But I remember watching my Mom when I was a little kid making her own gel-like liner that went on dark and smooth. Take an old regular eyeliner pencil and heat with a lighter or even your stove top for 1 second. Let it cool for about 15 seconds and that's it. Your liner will go on as smooth as those expensive gel pencils.

2. Get really curly lashes that last all day by adding one more step to your routine. Before using your eyelash curler hit it with your blow dryer for about 15 seconds or so. This will heat up your tool and give you more curl that lasts longer.

3. Getting those perfect brows take a lot of maintenance and a steady hand with an eyebrow pencil. It is a hard skill to master. Luckily there is brow mascara to the rescue. With just a swish of the wand you can fill in your brows to make them look full and clean.

4. Dark circles under my eyes are just the norm these days. Late nights and early morning will do that. So concealer is my BFF. For the longest time I put concealer under my eyes in little dots right under and blend in but the best way is to put it on in a triangle shape under your eyes with the point towards your cheek and then blend.

5. I love a good manicure but the time it takes to dry wet nails it always too long and someone will need something and I will smudge my nails. The secret to drying them quickly is as simple as a bowl of ice water. After applying polish dunk your wet nails into some ice water. This will help your polish dry a lot quicker.

6. This one is my newest and favorite tip ever. I am Chicana with brown skin and eyeshadows sometimes don't look as bright on my skintone as I would like. You know those white eyeliner pencils you see, well grab one and use it to give your lids a coat of white. (white eyeshadow will work too). This will make any color you choose pop, and also serves as a base which lets you shadow stay on longer.

There you have it. My make-up tips. I would love to hear all yours. Leave us a comment with your best make-up tip below! 

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