Thursday, July 9, 2015

Keeping the Flame Alive

Recently my husband and I spent 3 kid-free days to celebrate our 9th anniversary. We went out to dinners and not once did I have to get up to take someone to the bathroom. We could just get up and go. There was no constant nagging kids. We went to a bar at night and ate cheeseburgers at 11 pm. We strolled art museums and walked Olvera Street with no one complaining that anyone was bored or tired. We laughed a lot, we were silly and had so much fun. I felt lighter and prettier and flirtier. There was also NSFW activities whenever and where ever we wanted. (if you get my drift).

Because we knew the kids were having the time of their lives at their cousin's house, all the usual worry and stress that goes with raising kids was gone for 3 days. I didn't realize how much the stress of raising kids takes a toll on the rest of my life -- especially my marriage. The night we picked up the kids and we all were back together in the house I looked at my husband and asked "how can we keep that feeling?"

Obviously getting rid of the kids is not an option. We are in this parenting thing for at least 13 more years. Despite what this blog post may sound like, we love our children and take our role as parents very seriously. I think that may be part of the problem. We are with our kids 24/7 and have even taken on homeschooling so that we can be the ones to educate them. We are parents all the time and we both have always felt that the kids needs should always come first. By the time they are in bed at night we are both exhausted. A usual date night is off the table because we live so far from family. So what can we do?

How do you keep the flame alive in your relationship? 

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  1. Great post. The days of spontaneity are long gone for my husband and I. We have to plan every moment we get alone. I recently read an article by an obvious optimist that suggested striving to be together can in itself be romantic :)


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