Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fuller House: would you watch?

There's a generation of kids who grew up on Full House and because Netflix does everything awesome they are bringing Full House back to these "kids." Everyone, but little Michelle Tanner, is back for Fuller House - a new show that gives us that "where-are-they-now?" feeling all wrapped into repeat episodes. I'm into it as a kid who watched the original.

Yes, I personally plan to watch, but I also got to thinking... how will this show fit-in now? Full House was so wholesome for its time. Will Netflix go with today's times and add that non-prime time TV flare? Would folks like it, if so? Or would we really pick up where we left off and have that tame pg-13 tone?

When Boy Meets World came back as Girl Meets World it was on the Disney Channel. It met the right market of young teens the original targeted. I personally found the spin-off that flashed Cory and Topanga forward as parents really enjoyable, but then I stopped watching, unless my kids wanted to see it.

To me, Fuller House will need to step of to the times. I don't see the extremely wholesome premise of the 80's fitting a Netflix line-up with shows like OITNB and Grace and Frankie especially since the Tanner household and its father figures are all so much older! I am also all grown up and what I believed as a young kid watching Full House has come to pass. So to that point, I hope Fuller House is Full House with a little kick of something new!

Do you?

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