Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why is Orange is the New Black such a big hit???

Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me they were anxiously awaiting season three of OITNB! Everyone seems to love this show... everyone. Season 3 has been out only one weekend and many have already finished the entire season. A show worthy of captivating audiences hours on ends must be a good one, right? Well I think so, but I wonder how does this women's prison premise with so many tales of misfortune and crime lead so many FANS to love and even relate to these episodes?

If you're a fan, I'd love to hear your theory on why this is much a fan favorite series?  Make sure to comment below, but for now, let's begin with my theory:

Every single "criminal" at some point has their pre-prison lives featured in an episode.  In those storylines, their human side and struggles shine through. It's easy to relate to how circumstances of love, upbringing or dumb luck led these women prison. Doesn't matter if they were druggies, thieves or murderous villains - show characters develop from a place of vulnerability, heart ache, and often, feeling misunderstood. We can all relate to the ups and downs of life and how one wrong turn could severely change the course of a "normal" life.

Next, this show is so honest it's hilarious. It's refreshing via dialogue that connects every woman's journey regardless of personal backgrounds. The prison is filled with women of all ages, races, and upbringings that melt into one world of sadness and humor. There's everything from the affluent junkie with mommy issues, the hippie college kid that ends up thrown into jail because of her cause, there's the activist nun, drug smuggling lesbian, misunderstood yoga enthusiast, third-generation cholas and everything else you can think of married into a life of looking for second, third and fourth chances. 

Have you started binging on season three yet? Tell us why you love this show so much!

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